Acute Respiratory Failure ECLS




Intended Learning Outcomes

Acute respiratory failure ECLS

  1. To understand the PHYSIOLOGY of extracorporeal life support
  2. To understand the major INDICATIONS and associated CONFIGURATIONS of extracorporeal life support
  3. To understand the role of extracorporeal life support for ARDS, Obstructive Lung Disease, Bridge to Lung Transplant, Cardiogenic shock and Refractory Cardiac Arrest:
    1. Configurations
    2. Clinical Evidence
    3. Clinical Management and Controversies
  4. To understand patient and circuit associated COMPLICATIONS and interactions
  5. Clinical Scenarios and Questions


eModule Information

Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Acute respiratory failure ECLS

  • 3.8 Recognises and manages the patient with acute respiratory failure and ARDS
  • 4.5 Describes the use of devices for circulatory or respiratory assist