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Airway management




Intended Learning Outcomes

Airway management

  1. Make a comprehensive assessment of the airway
  2. Explain indications, contraindications and techniques for different methods of securing the airway
  3. Describe correct tracheal tube positioning and confirmation of tracheal tube placement
  4. Identify techniques to deal with the anticipated and unanticipated difficult airway
  5. Detail pitfalls in airway management.


eModule Information

Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Airway management

  • 3.1 Manages the care of the critically ill patient with specific acute medical conditions
  • 4.5 Describes the use of devices for circulatory or respiratory assist
  • 5.1 Administers oxygen using a variety of administration devices
  • 5.2 Performs fibreoptic laryngoscopy
  • 5.3 Performs emergency airway management
  • 5.4 Performs difficult and failed airway management according to evidence-based protocols
  • 5.5 Performs endotracheal suction
  • 5.6 Performs fibreoptic bronchoscopy and BAL in the intubated patient
  • 5.7 Performs percutaneous tracheostomy