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Communication and Decision Making in a Multidisciplinary Environment



Intended Learning Outcomes

Communication and Decision Making in a Multidisciplinary Environment

  1. Explain the difference between assent and consent.
  2. Understand the components of valid, informed consent.
  3. Describe the barriers to providing informed consent and have knowledge of strategies to overcome these difficulties.
  4. Recognise a patient who lacks capacity.
  5. Understand the support that is available to make valid, legal decisions for a patient who lacks capacity.
  6. Understand the concept and components of shared decision-making and to apply this in patient consultations.
  7. Access or develop decision aids that can be shared with patients to empower them as a true partner in the decision making process.
  8. Understand the many components of communication and how to communicate effectively with patients, relatives and colleagues.
  9. Recognise the potential for conflict and when this is escalating.
  10. Develop strategies to manage and resolve conflict.


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Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Communication and Decision Making in a Multidisciplinary Environment

  • 7.4 Communicates the continuing care requirements of patients at ICU discharge to health care professionals, patients and relatives
  • 8.2 Discusses end of life care with patients and their families / surrogates
  • 12.1 Communicates effectively with patients and relatives
  • 12.2 Communicates effectively with members of the health care team
  • 12.3 Maintains accurate and legible records / documentation
  • 12.4 Involves patients (or their surrogates if applicable) in decisions about care and treatment
  • 12.5 Demonstrates respect of cultural and religious beliefs and an awareness of their impact on decision making
  • 12.7 Collaborates and consults; promotes team-working
  • 12.8 Ensures continuity of care through effective hand-over of clinical information
  • 12.9 Supports clinical staff outside the ICU to enable the delivery of effective care
  • 12.12 Formulates clinical decisions with respect for ethical and legal principles