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Early Specific Management of AMI



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Early Specific Management of AMI

  1. Distinguish ST-segment elevation (STEMI) and non-STEMI acute coronary syndrome (ACS) by prognosis and treatment strategy with attention to differences in presentation based on gender, age, and other diseases.
  2. Describe the most recent guidelines recommendations for management, stratification and subsequent treatment of patients with UA/NSTEMI or STEMI and consider the links between evidence-based knowledge and practice in the care of patients with ACS
  3. Describe methods of reperfusion therapy: percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and fibrinolytics.
  4. Describe possible pharmacotherapy treatment plans, including mechanisms of action, monitoring parameters, benefits, complications and adverse effects of drugs used in patients with different types of ACS.
  5. Define the roles of healthcare professionals and the contributions they make to the healthcare team for management of ACS and recognize the need for informed consent for the therapy of ACS.


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Early Specific Management of AMI

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