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Infection prevention and control




Intended Learning Outcomes

Infection prevention and control

  1. Understanding the scale of nosocomial infection and antimicrobial resistance
  2. Recognition of nosocomial colonisation and infection
  3. Infection control management
  4. Prevention of nosocomial infection and antimicrobial resistance


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Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Infection prevention and control

  • 2.5 Obtains appropriate microbiological samples and interprets results
  • 3.1 Manages the care of the critically ill patient with specific acute medical conditions. Including the following Disorders: Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Renal & Genito-Urinary, Gastrointenstinal, Haematological & Oncological, Infections, Metabolic, Endocrine
  • 3.9 Recognises and manages the septic patient
  • 4.2 Manages antimicrobial drug therapy