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Multiple trauma




Intended Learning Outcomes

Multiple trauma

  1. Characterize the initial evaluation of a trauma patient utilizing the primary, secondary and tertiary assessment
  2. Determine appropriate management of life-threatening injuries
  3. Outline acute issues to be addressed as part of ongoing care in the ICU
  4. Discuss the importance of rehabilitation and the evaluation of trauma care outcomes


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Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Multiple trauma

  • 1.5 Assesses and provides initial management of the trauma patient
  • 1.7 Describes the management of mass casualties
  • 2.3b Performs and interprets general critical care ultrasonography (thoracic, abdominal and vascular)
  • 2.7 Interprets chest x-rays
  • 6.5 Manages the pre- and post-operative care of the trauma patient