Nutrition Part I: Nutritional assessments




Intended Learning Outcomes

Nutrition Part I: Nutritional assessments

  1. Describe the metabolic response to critical illness
  2. Outline essentials of feeding during the different phase of critical illness
  3. Describe how to assess malnutrition in critically ill patients
  4. Outline the clinical markers for nutritional status and their limitations in clinical use.
  5. Outline the biochemical markers for nutritional status and their limitations in clinical use.

eModule Information

Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Nutrition Part I: Nutritional assessments

  • 1.1 Adopts a structured and timely approach to the recognition, assessment and stabilisation of the acutely ill patient with disordered physiology
  • 1.4 Triages and prioritises patients appropriately, including timely admission to ICU
  • 2.1 Obtains a history and performs an accurate clinical examination
  • 2.2 Undertakes timely and appropriate investigations
  • 2.9 Monitors and responds to trends in physiological variables
  • 2.10 Integrates clinical findings with laboratory investigations to form a differential diagnosis
  • 3.7 Recognises and manages the patient with acute gastrointestinal failure
  • 4.8 Recognises and manages electrolyte, glucose and acid-base disturbances
  • 4.9 Co-ordinates and provides nutritional assessment and support
  • 11.6 Critically appraises and applies guidelines, protocols and care bundles
  • 11.7 Describes commonly used scoring systems for assessment of severity of illness, case mix and workload