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Sepsis in the returning traveler




Intended Learning Outcomes

Sepsis in the returning traveler

  1. Outline an approach to fever in a returning traveller
  2. Describe the diagnosis and treat common vector-borne illnesses
  3. Describe various measures that can be implemented for the protection of health care workers and contact


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Relevant Competencies from CoBaTrICE

Sepsis in the returning traveler

  • 1.1 Adopts a structured and timely approach to the recognition, assessment and stabilisation of the acutely ill patient with disordered physiology
  • 2.5 Obtains appropriate microbiological samples and interprets results
  • 3.1 Manages the care of the critically ill patient with specific acute medical conditions
  • 3.9 Recognises and manages the septic patient
  • 4.2 Manages antimicrobial drug therapy